Notation on sheet music goes back to the time of ancient Greeks.

The History of Music Notation

Most music that is performed today is from the 1600s or later. But it is a well known fact that humans have been creating music for much longer. How did composers indicate what notes, rhythms, and styles to perform the piece in before modern notation? And how did this evolve into the modern notation and music theory?
Noah Thompson, Columnist March 3, 2021

In music, notation, and music theory, nothing is ever a coincidence. The system of notation and music theory is so complex and thorough that it is baffling that such a system became universal across all...

The process by which corpses are preserved for the afterlife is intricate and complex.

What Are Mummies?

Mummies have been around for thousands of years, and humans have been able to be preserved for thousands of years by being mummified, but how do they last so long? What makes a mummy a mummy?
Adam Khogyani, Columnist February 8, 2021

According to BBC, the word “mummy” derives from the Persian word, “mummiya,” which is the blackened state of Egyptian bodies. The term is now generally used as human parts that have their tissue...

Wreaths have become a staple decoration of the Christmas season.

Writing Wreath History

Amelia McCrory, Columnist December 19, 2020

As many holiday traditions continue, the Christmas wreath remains one of the long-lasting and significant traditions of our society.  The beloved wreaths we have today have a strong correlation to...

Though there are hundreds of board games across the globe, five rise above the rest.

The Most Popular Board Games and the History Behind Them

Almost everyone has played a board game in their life, but what's the major history behind some of your favorite games? This article will tell you everything you need to know about some of the most played games.
Grace Freed, Columnist December 13, 2020

Chess The most popular board game worldwide is chess. Chess is a well known game that was created in the 6th century and is still played today. The age recommended to play chess is seven and up, according...

The natural beauty of South Mountain is breathtaking.

A History of South Mountain

Arizona is full of scenic state parks and preserves. One example of these can even be found in the middle of Phoenix!
Allister McLeod, Columnist December 11, 2020

South Mountain is one of Arizona’s most popular parks, covering over 16,000 acres of land, and receiving more than a million visitors each year, according to The Arizona Republic. Trails and paths of...

Studio Ghibli has entertained audiences for decades.

History of Studio Ghibli

Lilly Wolfe, Columnist November 20, 2020

Studio Ghibli has released many high grossing films capturing the beauty of everyday life and the magic of childhood. Despite having started off in a competitive industry which was considered childish...

Veterans Day is a holiday to remember those who keep us safe abroad.

The History of Veterans Day

Many people don't know the true meaning of Veterans Day, and some kids just care that it's a day off. Veterans Day isn't just a day for relaxation, it is an important day for the U.S.
Ainsley Olvey, Columnist November 12, 2020

It all started in World War I, where almost 116,000 people died. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice ended hostilities in Europe. A year later in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson...

Rick Astley's song

The History of Rickrolling

Brandon Dosen, Columnist November 9, 2020

Rickrolling has become legendary in the meme community ever since it got the media's attention, but where did it come from in the first place? Rickrolling is ever changing, and has a rich history. Although,...

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Sweet History

Where did the sweet treat of candy come from?
Connor Davis, Columnist October 29, 2020

At this time of year, many people enjoy some scares and sweets for Halloween, but not many people know where the concept of sugar candy originated.  According to ThoughtCo, the words "sugar" and "candy"...

Be careful of coal in your stocking this Christmas.

The History of Christmas Stockings

Isabel Kasathsko, Columnist December 19, 2019

A tradition in many homes during Christmastime is to put up stockings by the fireplace. Even though it is not clear when it became a popular Christmas tradition, these decorative socks have been around...

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