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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Ludwig van Beethoven was a pianist who rose to fame for his song Fur Elise.

Beethoven’s Success Despite Hearing Loss

Erin McGinty, Columnist November 14, 2023

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist born in 1770. He’s well known for his piece, “Für Elise”. However, the young musician lost his hearing at age 26. Despite this setback, he went on to write...

There is a long history of standing up for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

History of LGBTQ+ Activism

Sripriya Srinivas, Columnist May 19, 2023

There are many moments in history involving minority groups that aren’t well known. One of these minority groups is the LGBTQ+ community. This community has fought for their rights and for their lives....

The gender roles of the 1950s are only one issue that we associate with this often-glorified period.

The Problem with the Past

Claire Satiroff, Columnist May 11, 2023

Romanticization of the past has become a trend that fluctuates throughout the decades, moving from one time period to the next. People are now finding it trendy to say that they were born in the wrong...

Central Park is a place where nature can thrive for human enjoyment.

Preserving Paradise: The Enduring Role of Central Park

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist May 11, 2023

The vision and imagination of its architects are evident in Central Park, a sizable green oasis tucked away in the middle of Manhattan. With its 843 acres of varied landscapes, Central Park has grown from...

Tove Jansson was a powerful figure in combating hate and prejudice.

Tove Jansson, the Freedom Fighter

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist May 11, 2023

Tove Jansson was born in Helsinki, Finland on Aug. 9, 1914, and lived to June 27, 2001. While Jansson is most known for her creation of the Moomins, she accomplished much more. Jansson was a fierce anti-fascist...

The Star Spangled Banner has long been a subject of debate in American culture.

Split Perspectives: Should “The Star Spangled Banner” Remain the National Anthem?

April 21, 2023

Since 1931, the United States has officially used "The Star Spangled Banner," written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, as its national anthem. Since then, the country has continued to debate whether this...

Barbie has come a long way since her inception.

Mattel and Barbie’s Evolution

Amanda Mourelo, Editor of Student Opinion and Features and Extras February 28, 2023

In 1959 in Los Angeles, California, Ruth Handler saw her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls. Ruth and her husband owned the toy company Mattel, and they had a bright idea to start making dolls out...

Sappho proves to be an enduring figure in the lesbian movement.

Sappho’s Legacy

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist February 3, 2023

For decades, Sappho has been regarded as a key figure in queer history. Words like “sapphic” and “lesbian” are directly derived from her name and home island of Lesbos, Greece, respectively. Her...

Many iconic images from Christmas movies were made using stop motion animation.

A Stop Motion Christmas

Roya Ghahreman, Columnist December 19, 2022

According to Central Rappahannock Regional Library, stop motion was introduced to the US in 1925 and was observed through “The Lost World”. It continued to grow, later leading to the landmark film...

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