Small Price, Big Disaster!

Small Price, Big Disaster!

Amiyah Jada Owens, Columnist February 22, 2021

Ever wonder why dollar store food prices are so low? If you have, lucky for you, I tested a few hacks from the video by Blossom. I did a few that I knew were true based on the food scientist Ann Reardon....

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Viral Baked Feta Pasta

As it circles the internet, many have come to discover this recipe of feta baked pasta. This recipe only adds a few minutes to your usual pasta recipe, but will make a world of a difference.
Amelia McCrory, Columnist February 16, 2021

Ingredients: One package cherry tomatoes One block feta cheese ⅓ cup olive oil 1 box of pasta (any kind) 2 cloves minced garlic Handful of basil 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper Instructions: ...

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Giant Red Velvet Oreos Recipe

Ainsley Olvey, Columnist February 13, 2021

Valentine's Day is known for love and sweet treats. These oreos provide both; celebrate people you love by sharing these delicious treats with them.  Ingredients: Cookies 1 15.25 ounce package...

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Instant Pot Spaghetti

In this article you will find a delicious instant pot spaghetti recipe that you can make in half the time!
Nessah Wendt, Columnist January 25, 2021

Ingredients: 3 cups chicken broth (can be substituted with water) One box spaghetti noodles One jar spaghetti sauce (I use marinara sauce with basil) One bag frozen or fresh meatballs Italian...

The Kolache Cafe brings its delightful assortment of the Czech pastry to Arizona.

Kolache Cafe’s Grand Opening

Luke Culver, Columnist January 14, 2021

On Jan. 8, 2021, the long awaited Kolache Cafe finally opened. For those who don’t know what a kolache is, it is a sweet Czech pastry that is commonly produced in Texas. The Kolache Cafe has opened with...

A chart providing the range of recommended water consumption per day.

Overviewing Ounces

Based on professional suggestions, many need to be consuming a greater amount of water than they are currently.
Amelia McCrory, Columnist January 14, 2021

With many forming ambitious New Year’s resolutions, one to consider is the benefit of drinking lots of water. With the human body being composed of nearly 60 percent water, it is crucial to stabilize...

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These Swedish jam-filled shortbread cookies are easy to make and perfect for the holidays.
Lilly Wolfe, Columnist December 18, 2020

Cookie Ingredients: ½ cup Butter ⅓ cup sugar ½ tsp. vanilla extract ¼ tsp. Salt 1 egg separated  1 cup flour  3 tbsp. raspberry jam Icing Ingredients:  2 tsp. milk ...

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Corn Pudding

Rebecca Harris, Columnist December 18, 2020

Corn pudding, also known as corn casserole or corn souffle, is a year-round family favorite. It’s easy to make, and there are lots of different ways to spice it up. This recipe takes longer to bake than...

There are many types of sugars which go deeper than your ordinary cane.

What’s the Sweet Stuff Made of?

Almost everything we eat has sugar. Some things have one of the specific sugar molecules and some have things that break down into sugar while you digest them. But not all sugar is created equal. So, what are the different types of sugar molecules that we eat, and what's the difference between them?
Noah Thompson, Columnist December 14, 2020

Glucose, fructose, and sucrose are the most well known sugars. Glucose is what your body breaks foods down into for energy, fructose is in high-fructose corn syrup and fruits, and sucrose is table sugar....

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A Functional Frosting Formula

When making gingerbread houses during this holiday season, it is always important to have an additional frosting supply. If using a premade package, the frosting tends to need some assistance or a whole new batch is required. Try this simple icing recipe to elevate your next gingerbread creation.
Amelia McCrory, Columnist December 11, 2020

Ingredients: 2 large egg whites at room temperature 3 cups powdered sugar ½ teaspoon cream of tartar Instructions: In a large bowl, whip egg whites together until foamy. Add cream...

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