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No-Bake Protein Energy Balls

Amelia McCrory, Columnist April 30, 2021

Protein balls are a simple snack which provide an abundance of energy. This recipe includes healthy ingredients like flaxseed, honey, and old-fashioned oats. Below are the steps and ingredients to help...

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Mini Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Nessah Wendt, Columnist April 26, 2021

A sample charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board Basics

Charcuterie boards can be the perfect compliment before serving a meal. With a variety of flavors and ingredients, these boards will please all guests.
Amelia McCrory, Columnist April 9, 2021

Need an appetizer for your next big event? Charcuterie boards are the perfect solution as they cater to all tastes and preferences. According to Mom On Timeout, charcuterie is the act of preparing cured...

The finished product

S’more Bars

These s'more bars are great for any special occasion or just hanging out with friends, and even better for a late night snack out glamping by the oven!
Kayli Taylor, Columnist March 23, 2021

Ingredients: 30 graham crackers (2 packs, crushed to crumbs) 1 cup unsalted butter, melted ¼ tsp salt 16 oz mini marshmallows (6 cups) 12 oz milk chocolate chips Instructions: ...

Despite the ordinary connotation of greasy, fat fast food, it can also be healthy.

Healthy Fast Food

Grace Freed, Columnist March 22, 2021

Fast food can be very unhealthy. However, there is fast food that is fairly healthy, as well as fast food restaurants that have healthy options. Which restaurant and fast food dish is the healthiest option?...

These hacks can help you take your home baking to the next level.

Clever Baking Hacks To Fix Common Baking Problems

Baking is chemistry, and has many opportunities for mistakes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to fix common baking problems.
Abbi Prieto, Columnist March 19, 2021

Dry Cake A dry cake can result from a few things. Even a few extra minutes in the oven could dry out your cake. A dry cake can be unpleasant to eat, which is not a feeling you want when baking. One...

A pie chart of the responses.

The Best Pizza Topping

Rebecca Harris, Columnist March 19, 2021

Pizza is one of the most widespread foods around the world, even going as far as to be integrated into many different meals, such as pizza salad or pizza mac ‘n’ cheese. With such a plethora of pizza...

Cooking is much more scientific than you might realize.

The Science Behind Cooking

For many people, cooking is an everyday activity that goes without thought, however, with a deeper look into the subject, many will learn that cooking is also an exact chemistry.
Abbi Prieto, Columnist March 17, 2021

Molecular Gastronomy Cooking is impossible without chemistry, because cooking is chemistry. Things like blending, mixing, and more are food sciences, or molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy is...

Step 6

Barbecue Sliders

Barbecue sliders are the perfect snack to eat. They are quick to make and easy to enjoy!
Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist March 17, 2021

Ingredients (makes 6): 6 dinner rolls or Hawaiian sweet rolls 1 ½ cups shredded cooked chicken ¼ red onion, thinly sliced Pepper jack cheese 2 tbsp. fresh parsley (optional) 1 tbsp....

The finished product

Homemade Waffle Cones

Whether you are longing for a delicious cold treat or want a fun activity to do with friends, homemade waffle cones are a quick and tasty way to enjoy a cool treat!
Nessah Wendt, Columnist March 1, 2021

Ingredients: 2 eggs  4 tbsp. melted butter ¼ t. salt ½ c. sugar  ⅔ c. flour  ¼ c. milk or cream A splash vanilla extract (optional) Instructions: Preheat waffle maker...

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