The finished nails

Polygel Nails

Julia Tucker, Columnist May 14, 2021

Materials: Basic nail preparation supplies (nail file, cuticle clippers, cuticle oil, etc.) UV LED lamp  Polygel Slip solution Polygel base coat Polygel top coat A gel brush  ...

Finding the right balance of confidence and modesty can be tricky.

Modesty in Clothing

Kalyn McLeod, Columnist April 5, 2021

Today, there are so many different senses of style, trends, and types of clothing in general, so deciding what to wear can be hard enough. But one huge factor that plays into choosing an outfit is how...

The finished product

DIY Bracelet

Julia Tucker, Columnist March 22, 2021

Materials: Waxed yarn (any color) A two sided charm of your choice A lighter A pair of scissors Instructions: Cut off four equal lengths of waxed string. Separate out two strings...

The finished product

DIY Mushroom Hat

Ainsley Olvey, Columnist March 22, 2021

This mushroom hat is very cute and is a fun project! It is especially useful because Arizona is very sunny and the mushroom hat has a wide brim. You can stay protected from the sun and look cute while...

Though potentially dangerous, the diamond in Lil Uzis head certainly keeps him relevant.

Lil Uzi Vert’s $24,000,000 Diamond Investment

Ty Larsen, Columnist February 12, 2021

The famous rapper Lil Uzi Vert got a diamond implanted into his forehead on Feb. 4, 2021. According to Vulture, Uzi’s diamond is 10-11 carats. “Why would one do this?” you might ask? Well, Uzi...

The January box- fresh start.

Bountiful BoxyCharm

Amelia McCrory, Columnist January 25, 2021

BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription service tailored to your personal make-up and skincare interests. BoxyCharm sends you 5 full-size beauty items each month for $25. Ranging from makeup and skincare products...

The finished confetti ball ornament

DIY Winter Memories

Kayli Taylor, Columnist December 13, 2020

The winter holidays are a special time of the year, from making delicious treats, to spending time with friends and family, as well as making traditions. Now you can make a new tradition with your family...

The finished product.

DIY Scrunchies

Nessah Wendt, Columnist November 5, 2020

Almost everyone is familiar with the cute hair accessories known as scrunchies, but the problem is that it’s impossible to own just one! I know that a lot of wallets probably agree with me that scrunchies...

Make a spectacularly spooky mask for Halloween.

Safely Spooking

Luke Tafoya, Columnist October 29, 2020

Halloween approaching doesn’t take away from the fact that we as a society are still inside of a world-wide pandemic. With this being the case, we are almost always required to wear a mask. Today, it's...

Patti Rumfola during her time in high school.

A Purse from the Past

Isabel Kasathsko, Columnist February 23, 2020

In May of 2019, custodian Chas Pyle came across a red purse at North Canton Middle School. While fixing lockers, he found the dirty and tarnished purse between the lockers and the wall. According to USA...

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