Ava Fuller

Ava Fuller, Columnist

Ava Fuller is a seventh grader at Horizon Honors. She has been at Horizon Honors since second grade. She is passionate about baking, acting, writing in any way and has recently just gotten into skating with a skateboard, ice skates, or rollerblades. This is her first year in Journalism. Fuller has participated in many school activities, including Showbiz, Coding Club, and Band all in Elementary School. She has been in dance, gymnastics, and she is currently on a swim team and acting. She likes spending time with friends and family, spending time outside, and traveling. She loves watching movies or shows on anything, she can watch any genre of movie/show, depending on some circumstances. She likes creative writing, but can handle all kinds of writing. She was born Oct. 2, 2009, and has lived in Arizona her whole life. She lives with her mom, dad, and younger brother. She has two dogs, a four-year-old Boston Terrier named Ozwald, and a 13-year-old German Shepard named Dino.

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