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Makenna Bizzack, Columnist

Makenna Bizzack is an eighth grader at Horizon Honors, and has been attending since Kindergarten. She did dance for six years, gymnastics for one year, and then competitive cheer for one year. She is currently playing volleyball. Bizzack’s favorite thing to do outside of school is going to the lake, and she prefers summer activities over winter. She has two dogs; both are boxers. One is named Stella, who is very active and fun, and the other is named Jax, who isn’t the brightest. Jax sleeps most of the day. Bizzack’s favorite subject in school is math. She also has two siblings that attend Horizon Honors: an older sister, Kiley Bizzack, who’s a senior, and a younger brother, Blake Bizzack, who is in fourth grade. Bizzack prides herself on being involved in many different school activities. For example, she joined the Baking Club, the Elementary Volleyball Team, Showbiz, and Choir in elementary school. Last year, she didn't get very many opportunities for school activities because of COVID, but this year she is determined to get back to normal, and is currently involved in NJHS and the Middle School Volleyball A Team. She joined Journalism in hopes of growing as a writer, and is excited to start her first year as a columnist.

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Beach and court volleyball bear both differences and similarities.

Beach vs. Court

May 23, 2022
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