Bids for Kids

Used with permission by Horizon Honors

Used with permission by Horizon Honors

Alex Dockery, Senior Columnist / Photographer

If you are a member of the Horizon Honors family it is very likely that you have seen posters taped all over the school talking about Bids for Kids. If by some chance you haven’t heard anything about Bids for Kids, here’s all the information you need.

Bids for Kids is a fundraiser to raise money for technology in our classrooms. This fundraiser will be taking place on, beginning on November 1st and ending on November 16th. The cool thing about this fundraiser is that it is free for anyone to participate. Participants get to bid on some cool items and all of the proceeds go straight toward our classrooms. The items that are available to bid on were donated by parents and organizations and include things like Polar Ice skating passes, a Nintendo Wii console , tickets to Arizona Sea Life Aquarium, and a Star Wars spinning electronic light saber  Altogether, there are 51 listings, and there will be many more to come. The most popular items up for bidding in the first week was a sterling silver necklace which sold for $86.00 and got 29 bids, a $50.00 gift certificate for the Streets of New York which sold for $41.00 and got 32 bids, and a reserved parking spot at Horizon Honors which sold for $200.00 and got 10 bids.

Everyone is free to place bids for up to seven days on whatever items they choose, and when they close the item whoever had the highest bid will take home the prize. The winners will receive their purchases via mail, or can also send it to Horizon Honors for pick up. The more expensive items will automatically be sent to Horizon Honors to avoid expensive shipping costs.

These starting prices for the items up for bidding are actually really cheap. The starting cost will be ten percent of the value of the item and the final cost will be up to the bidders. All that’s needed to participate is an ebay account, and a Paypal account in order to pay for the items. The Horizon Honors website has information under Bids for Kids that has links to websites and videos to assist bidders with setting up an account and getting started.