Art Show Review


The 2013 Horizon Honors Art Show stood out this school season because of the talent showcased, especially for the select few students that are seniors. The art shows are always very special to students that enjoy showing their talent to other students, teachers and parents. It makes them feel like someone really appreciates and enjoys all their hard work.

Mrs. Buttrey outdid herself again with organizing the event. She made students really feel as though they were free to showcase themselves however they wished. Honors Art student Mariah Gresko said, “I really liked it- I thought the atmosphere and the art were both fantastic. Also, I really liked how cooking was offering food and there was a guitar show because it adds a lot of diversity to the show.” It was a very special art show for the seniors since this was their last show as art students of Mrs. Buttrey, which is both sad and somewhat renewing. While the seniors will miss Mrs. Buttrey, she has said that they will always be welcome back to come and visit her and her classes of in the future.

Mr. Murphy, Mr. Agostini, and Mr. Tamburino have also shown some of their finer work this year. Mr. Murphy’s Guitar Class put on an astounding performance, playing a plethora of different songs and some students even had guitar solos. Mr. Agostini’s and Mr. Tamburino’s Culinary Arts Classes baked hundreds of crepes and cookies, with tremendously positive reception. Combined, the culinary classes cooked around 200 cookies and 150 crepes.

Photography class once again perfectly displayed the ambiguity and beauty that goes into photographing and photo editing. Each photo made passers by wonder what they were looking at, not in a way that was insulting to the photographer, but a way that stimulated the imagination.

Maybe what makes the art show so great is that it is a gathering of great people with a lot of passion and talent showcasing something that they’ve worked hard for and are proud of.
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