Serving Up Horizon’s Next Big Thing

Photo of Agostini, used with permission by Christi Britt.

Photo of Agostini, used with permission by Christi Britt.

Colton Peters, Columnist

As most of the students have probably heard by now, Horizon will have a boys’ Volleyball team starting next year. I’ve heard personally from numerous students about how interested they are in the program, so I interviewed Horizon Honor’s Athletic Director, Mr Agostini, and ask him a few more questions about  the program and his hopes for next year.


Q: Was boys’ volleyball your idea alone or were other people involved in it?


A: I have wanted boys volleyball for a while now.  The AIA allows you to add new sports every two years, which is why we had to wait until next year to add it.  Mrs. Emmons and I worked with Horizon Leadership this past school year to get the Boys Volleyball Program up and running.


Q: Was there anything in particular that made you decide to go forward with it?


A: Yes, many boys have approached me over the years about wanting to have a program.


Q: Who will be coaching the sport next year?


A: At this time, we are currently accepting applications for both our Varsity and Junior Varsity Head Coaching positions.


Q: What kind of turnout are you expecting for signup?


A:  We had a sign-up / interest meeting on 4/19.  We had 22 boys sign up for next season.  I would still like to see more than that try out for the sport.


Q: How long has the thought of Boys’ volleyball existed?


A: This is my 13th year at the school and 4th year as Athletic Director.  Boys Volleyball has always been an idea I have had in the back of my head.  Mrs. Emmons and I really started to look at the possibility in a serious manner about two years ago.


Q: Do you think that the Boys’ volleyball team will really take off like other Horizon sports teams?


A: I expect the program to be a big success in regards to the number of boys wanting to play and the number of fans that attend the games.  For our first ever “Home” game, I know that we are gonna pack the gym to capacity!


Q: Do you have any particular hopes for the volleyball team?


A: Yes, I hope that the boys learn the value of hard work and commitment.


Students here at Horizon Honors don’t always appreciate what the staff does to better the school and the sports teams. It’s nice to see that they care enough to work hard on something like this just for us. In return, we students of Horizon can show our support for our newest team next year, whether it’s showing up for the games, trying out for the team, or just showing your support while at school, we can all do something to cheer on our newest team to a good first year.