Warming Up Pups: Pillows for Pets


Jacinda Bringas, Columnist

As colder weather approaches, juniors Julie Drake and Shannon Henschel have only one thing in mind, and that’s the countless homeless pets in Arizona. As a result, they have set up the Pillows for Pets drive, a program through which students, parents, and staff can donate items to help keep the animals warm during the winter.

Junior Shannon Henschel has been working with the Arizona Animal Welfare League as well as exotic, educational animals since her freshman year while junior Julie Drake has been volunteering alongside Henschel since September. Drake and Henschel were inspired to help animals in shelters after volunteering on Shelter Day at the Arizona Humane Society with the Animal Welfare League, where they were able to witness the living conditions of the animals.

“We helped clean kennels and wash blankets for the animals and we noticed that they were low on supplies,” said Drake.

The size and the kennels were, ”smaller than a closet” and most animals don’t get taken out for ”weeks at time” according to Henschel.

Drake and Henschel even took up the responsibility of collecting donations at their house until the drive is over, so they can transport the items to the shelter themselves.

The drive will continue through Dec. 13 and donations can be dropped off in the secondary office in the hand decorated Pillows for Pets box.