Musical Menagerie

The music returns – another concert by the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

On Wednesday, Nov. 19, from 6 to 7 p.m., Wind Ensemble and Concert Band joined together to perform. Everyone loves to hear our students’ concerts and they are usually very interesting to listen to.

The concert began with Wind Ensemble, with “Portsmouth Overture,” and finished with “Epic.” There were a total of five songs per musical group, each with their own unique twist. One of these songs, performed by the Concert Band, “Crazy for Cartoons,” had effects that sounded similar to those “zany cartoons we all know and love,” as Mr. Murphy, the band director, said. A real crowd-pleaser, “Anasazi,” once again performed by the Wind Ensemble, had a haunting tune and was written by a local composer, John Edmondson. One of the songs, “Tongue Twister,” was a solo between two of Wind Ensemble’s girls, seventh graders Camryn Dunn and Allison Hale, on flute.

Haylee Haupt, freshman, shared that she loved the music. “[The songs were] very different… some were fast and quirky… you really had a lot to work with,” Haupt says, carrying her clarinet case proudly.

The hour filled with music was great fun for all, and we’re eager to see the next concert by the two bands. No doubt Horizon Honors’ students will wow us once again with their talents.