Movie Watchers of America Comes to Horizon Honors

Matt Butler, Columnist

Horizon is known for their vast variety of clubs that appeal to almost every student’s interest. There are clubs for everything ranging from baking to Harry Potter.  Movie Watchers of America was started by a few students that believed that they could make an impact on other people through movies. “Movies create a way to escape and be entertained,” said senior Devin Harris, the co-founder and president of the club. “We have many things planned for the club and great ideas we hope to execute in the near future.” As the year rolls on, some of the activities planned include viewing movie trailers during lunch meetings, choosing movies that club members will watch and discuss between meeting dates, and watching movies with the club throughout the course of a few meeting dates. “You should join this club if you like analyzing movies,” said treasurer and senior Jenna Clark. Clark adds that “it’s a good way to bring people together for a common interest that they all enjoy.” Movies create the ability to bring people together to talk about and enjoy a common subject. The Movie Watchers of America club is an up-and-coming club that holds promise that great things are to be enjoyed by the student body.

The club meets on blue Thursdays in room 112 during lunch.