Give a Shout for the Eagle Scout

Senior Zachary Lockwood becomes an Eagle Scout.

Evelyn Streit, Columnist

On Sep. 26, 2017, Horizon Honors senior Zachary Lockwood earned the rank of Eagle Scout. For those who don’t know, the award is considered to be the “the highest advancement rank in Scouting,” according to the National Eagle Scout Association, or NESA. NESA also states that only about five percent of Boy Scouts ever earn the Eagle Scout rank. This is clearly a huge accomplishment.

There are many requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout, including regular scout participation, community service projects, merit badges, and scout spirit, according to Boy Scouts of America. Keep in mind that all of theses goals must be completed before the applicant’s 18 birthday. This week I had the chance to interview Lockwood, and I asked him some questions about his latest feat.

The Horizon Sun: How old were you when you started boy scouts?

Zachary Lockwood, senior: I was 11, [the joining age].

The Sun: Do you remember why you started?

ZL: I joined because my friend was in Boy Scouts.

The Sun: How does it feel to have earned the rank of an eagle scout?

ZL: It feels very accomplishing. I feel like a lot of it has paid off, all those years in Boy Scouts.

The Sun: What are some things that you had to do to earn this award?

ZL: Well, you have to earn a bunch of merit badges that teach you a bunch of life skills, as well as [work on] an Eagle Project, which is just a big overarching project that has to benefit the community in some way.

The Sun: Can you describe your “Helping Give to the Homeless” project?

ZL: So what I did was I organized hygiene bags for homeless people at a center called Lodestar Day Resource Center. The bags consisted of things like deodorant, soap, combs– just things that people need in their daily lives. I organized 265 bags in total, and gave those to the homeless people.

The Sun: For how long has becoming an Eagle Scout been a goal for you?

ZL: Ever since I joined Boy Scouts; probably when I was eleven.

The Sun: Do you have any advice for aspiring Boy Scouts?   

ZL: Stick with it, because it pays off in the end.

Lockwood has spent many years working towards this goal, and since it is the highest rank in Boy Scouts, I’d say it has certainly paid off for him. We hope to see many other Eagle Scouts in the future who have worked hard to achieve their goals.