Artistic Photography Makes Its Debut

Evelyn Streit, Columnist

The Artistic Photography Club is a new addition to Horizon Honors’ many after-school activities. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory: the club unites a group of people who like to take pictures. Only, that’s not all. This group will travel to different locations, like Pecos Park, to take different photos, test out different angles, and experiment with lighting. Then, they will go back to the classroom and edit these photos. Anyone who enjoys taking and sharing their images is welcome to join the club. Zefren Brandt, a seventh grader at Horizon Honors and leader of the club, shared his thoughts on the club and its activities.

The Horizon Sun: Why did you start the Photography Club?

Zefren Brandt: [I started the club] because I can’t draw and I like to take pictures.

The Sun: What was the process for starting the club like?

ZB: It was actually pretty easy to find a teacher. Me and my friend Charlie built the club, and his mom is a teacher here, so she was totally willing to be a sponsor for it. All we really had to do was get a form and an amount of signatures.

The Sun: How do you plan activities and what are they?

ZB: Well, there is no real planning schedule, but we do have weekly themes. This week’s theme is vintage, so stuff that looks old or stuff that [is] old. [Sometimes we will do] plants, life, space, just stuff like that.

The Sun: What materials do you need in order to join? Do you need a certain type of camera or will anything work?

ZB: Just a phone is enough.

The Sun: How do you edit your images?

ZB: We use photoshop and another app called Sketchpad IO to edit our images.

The Sun: How do you find inspiration for your pictures?

ZB: Just find something that looks cool and take a picture of it.

The Artistic Photography Club meets every Friday, at 3:00 pm in room 115. It provides a great way for students to hang out with friends and find people who are interested in similar topics. You don’t need anything but a phone to participate, so if you have some extra time after school, make sure to stop by and snap a couple of pictures.