Kylee, Horizon Honors’ Golden Girl

Reese Bennett, Columnist

There’s only a few more quarters left for the seniors attending Horizon Honors, and they’re all preparing for the world outside of grade school. Kylee Golden, one of those seniors, has decided to attend Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. This high-academic college offers a variety of sports, such as basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, and more. Out of all of these, Golden has decided to play lacrosse, and has successfully been recruited for the team. Although she will be playing lacrosse on the college’s women’s team, the senior says that she “[plans] on majoring in Communications, with an emphasis on journalism, since [she’d] like to be a sports journalist.” Golden is nervous to graduate, expressing how she’s close with her family, her little brother in particular. “…I know it’ll be a good experience for me [though],” Golden states, so it’ll be a bittersweet time for her.

She actually started playing lacrosse in freshman year, encouraged by her best friend to go to the information meeting. There, she became captivated by what the coaches were talking about, and decided she would try out. Her love of the sport has grown over her time in high school, and she has decided to take it with her to college. She chose Chatham University because of her love of the area. “I fell in love with the city of Pittsburgh. I loved how it was in the mountains overlooking Pittsburgh, but it’s only a five minute train ride from downtown,” Golden expresses. She also decided on Chatham University because they provided her “a lot of internships and opportunities in the career [she’d] like to do.” There will be no girls she knows moving to Pennsylvania with her. She reveals that she is “very nervous, but also very excited. It’ll be all new girls” which make her “very nervous” as she moves “across the country with people [she doesn’t] know, but [she’s] also excited to be on [her] own.” She expects being a part of her new team to be difficult, since her teammates will have more strength and speed. Harder shots will be tough to deal with as a goalie too, but Golden knows it will be beneficial for her as “it’ll help [her] grow as an athlete.”

This senior has many major and exciting opportunities ahead of her at Chatham University. There’s no doubt about it she’ll be successful there, both in academics and her soon-to-be lacrosse life, and Horizon Honors is proud to send Kylee Golden off towards her bright, new future.