Praise the Players of Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Four girls from the varsity basketball team have been put in the spotlight for their b-ball know-how.

Reese Bennett, Columnist

Horizon Honors has incredible players for all of its sports. Students in high school are offered various options, such as volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, track and field, cross country, baseball, softball, soccer, and more. All of these activities are well-participated in and successful, but there’s one sport that’s very dear to us. Since this school lacks a football field, basketball has become “football” for Horizon Honors. Basketball season is our homecoming time, and we’ve got incredible players for both genders. In particular, the girl’s varsity team is filled with skilled high schoolers. Although they might not all have won all of their matches, they are extremely hard-working and dedicated to the game. Four girls in particular, Pilar Rivera, junior; seniors Mckenzie Knippers and Addie Martin; and Piper Corey, freshman; have received special recognition from coaches around the region for their talents.

Knippers and Rivera earned a recognition for 1st Team All Region, with Rivera also separately receiving attention for being the Region Offensive Player of the Year. Martin earned acknowledgement as the 2nd Team All Region. Finally, Corey was recognized as the All Region Honorable Mention.

The Horizon Sun: How did it feel to hear these recognitions?

Kenzie Knippers: It was exciting; it’s always good to be recognized for that kind of thing. I got it last year too, so I felt like I needed to get it again to make sure I didn’t go down at all, y’know? I was happy I was able to get it twice in a row and keep up with my skills.

Pilar Rivera: Honestly, I was really surprised, mostly because I was out for a lot of the time during the season due to illness, so I was just really surprised and pretty amazed that I got that award; it was very humbling.

The Sun: How does it feel to end your senior year with these compliments?

MK: It’s good because I get to end the year with a good note. There’s only one team [out of all the teams in the state] that end with a win, so it’s nice to be able to end with something positive.

The Sun: Do you want to do anything with basketball later in your life?

MK: I’m actually reffing basketball right now, so as soon as I got done I started doing referee stuff for younger kids.

PR: Yes, I’m trying to play college basketball right now. I play club for basketball, so hopefully that will get me some recognition from colleges.

These compliments are definitely an honor to receive, both for the girls and their school. This is a great way to end their grade-school lives for Martin and Knippers, and Rivera and Corey will no doubt continue to blossom in their skill and pave the pathway to victory for seasons to come. Go Eagles!