Finals Out of the Way

Jaidan Leonard, Columnist

Finals are coming up and students are getting prepared for the end-of-the semester finals. Although, if students get a proficient or higher on some of their AZMerit tests, then they can choose to not take the final.

The Horizon Sun: As a student, do you think it’s a good idea to give the students a choice to do the finals if they get a proficient or higher on AZMerit?

Pradyoth Velagapudi, eighth grader: Yes, because it gives students a reason to try harder on the AZMerit test. Also, if they’ve scored proficient or higher, they’ve already demonstrated to the teacher that they know the concepts, so why should they have to take the final?

The Sun: Do you think students should do the finals and risk getting a bad grade, even if they have a good grade in the class?

PV: I don’t think so, because like you said, there is the risk that students might end up ruining their grade in the class. However, I think it is worth it to take the final if your grade is a low A or a high B, because then you can raise it up higher.

Jennifer Wood, seventh grade Humanities teacher: If a student has an A or a B, I don’t think he or she should risk getting a bad grade, unless the student is on the A/B border and would like to work to push that grade up to an A. If a student is not going to study, though, and is on the borderline of a grade, it could actually drop the grade. Students who are content with their grade (an A or a B), and have a final that is not enough points to change the grade (to move it up from an B to an A), should just choose to sit it out.

Stacy Dietz, Math 8 Honors teacher: The AZMerit test is designed to be an end-of-the-course test, so if students are showing proficiency or above on the state test, I do not think they should just take the final just to take it. If they want to improve their semester grade, then they should take it.

The Sun: As a teacher, do think it’s a good idea to let the students choose whether to do the final if they get a proficient or higher on their AZMerit?

JW: I do think it’s a good idea to let students choose whether or not to take the final since the student has demonstrated proficiency in the subject. However, I think it’s a decision that should not be made lightly if the student does not have an A or a B in the class. At that point, a student is better off studying and taking the final in order to improve their grade, since not taking the final does not affect a grade at all, which leaves the student at a C or lower.

SD: As a teacher I do like that there is an incentive for students to show what they know. I think with an incentive it makes it more meaningful for the students, and that way they can put forth all their effort and really care about what they are doing. I do feel though that the student should be taking the AZMerit test for the class they are in, not just their grade level.

As you can see, the choice to take or not take the finals is a great choice for students to work harder on AZMerit. Also, doing the finals when you have a B-almost-an-A grade is great way for kids to get one more chance to bring their grade up to that A. You just have to study hard and focus so you can do great on the finals.