Give Back With Coca-Cola

Helena Ochoa, Columnist

If you have recently bought a pack of Coca-Cola, or just opened a bottle of the soda from the store, you may have missed an extra feature. Look inside that bottle cap and you’ll find a small code with a big mission.

The Coca-Cola Give program gives soda a new purpose. Along with providing you with a tasty drink, Coca-Cola can now be a new source of support towards a school. You can find a code under the bottle caps, plastic coverings, and cardboard boxes of almost any Coca-Cola product. Putting in the codes is easy; all you need to do is create an account and enter it in for your school to automatically donate a sum of $0.05-$0.38 from the company directly to the school administration. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to help. If you would rather not enter the code yourself, you could always turn in the part of the product with the code in to the school office so that they can enter it themselves.

It may not seem like a lot of money at first, but if everyone pitches in a few codes every now and then, it could make a big impact. If 50 students put in five codes each, the amount would be around $40, and none of it comes directly from their own pockets. Although this may not seem like much, each and every donation is another step towards improving the school, whether it is for funding activities and purchasing better quality items for student use, or keeping everything updated and in pristine condition.

Now that you are aware of this feature, try to find the code on your next purchase. Regardless of how often you drink Coca-Cola, you can help your school and utilize a new tactic to get your parents to buy you soda.