Staying Silent and Getting Stuffed

Wear your costumes, support the cause, and be ready to rush the court.

Amber Fretwell, Columnist

Horizon Honors Basketball is hosting their first ever “Silent Night & Get Stuffed Game” on Monday, Dec. 10, starting at 7 p.m. The whole team would love for everyone to attend this special game. For the holiday season, the team has joined up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Every kid in the hospital has a wishlist for Christmas, and it’s important that they are able to have the same Christmas experience as any other kid might. Therefore, the game fee will be $10 UNLESS you bring a gift (toy, stuffed animal, book, etc.) or show that you’ve donated directly to the Children’s Hospital. If you are not able to bring in a gift, your admission fee will go towards providing gifts for the kids. When coming in costume, come in your favorite childhood memory or character, whether that be Mario, Hello Kitty, or Dora.

Here is how the event will work: first, bring your gift, your admission fee, or show that you bought a gift off of the Amazon wish lists (linked below) provided by the hospital at the door. If you are participating in the court-rushing, then you will be given a stamp on the hand and a slip of paper with directions on them. Second, the crowd will have to remain silent (if participating, you will be located in between the bleachers) until our Horizon Eagles score their 10th point. After that 10th point has been scored, the crowd will go “rush the court,” in the “court rushing” zone, which will be shown on the back of your slip of paper. The audience will then fill the donation bins located along the side of the wall by the equipment/weight room with the gifts. After celebrating and placing your stuffed animal/toy in the bin, head to the bleachers that have been roped off for students only. For the remainder of the game, be loud and enjoy.

When you donate, make sure your gift is new, as potential germs from prior usage can be an extreme danger in a hospital environment. Weakened immune systems might cause a child to become severely ill more easily. After all, the pain and stress these children and their families experience is more than enough cause to buy something new.

It’s quite critical to support this fundraiser because the families might not have enough in their budget to buy their kids want they want, or even have time to buy dinner for the long nights at the hospital. Families also go through the emotional turmoil of dealing with hospital bills, when to visit their child in the hospital (only some jobs allow parents to take leave to be with their child), and even what the future will hold. Bring new gifts from the store that you think any kid would appreciate.  A gift card to supply a quick dinner to parents or just ten dollars to go towards anything the hospital needs can make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. If you prefer to buy a gift off of Amazon, you are able to send the gift directly to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. These donations can also be made by visiting the Infant & Toddler Wish List and the Teen Wish List.

Anything will be greatly appreciated by the staff, children, and parents at the hospital. This is also a way to show great school spirit for the right cause. So spend your Monday night watching basketball with a funky costume and give the gift that could change the course of someone’s day. Both the game and drive will make this a night to remember.