Coasting Through Class at Castles-N’-Coasters

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Castles-n’-Coasters, where physics meets fun.

Amber Fretwell, Columnist

On May 13, Mr. Sprinzl’s Physics and Physics Honors classes took a field trip to Castles-N’-Coasters. Horizon Honors students were joined by students from several other schools throughout the valley. They spent a total of two hours there, and were able to experience everything that the park had to offer before returning to school for the remainder of the day.

Most of the students had thoughts and questions about why Mr. Sprinzl has made this an annual event for his physics classes, since the location seems to promote more fun than schoolwork. However, Mr. Sprinzl’s idea for the field trip combines both of these things to create a well-rounded learning environment.


The Horizon Sun: Why did you choose Castles-N’-Coasters as a field trip for Physics and Physics Honors?

Marty Sprinzl, Physics and Physics Honors teacher: With what we are learning about momentum and energy, it was important to show the students how physics is used in the real world.


Horizon Sun: Would you want to spend more time there? Why?

Sprinzl: I think maybe an extra hour would be good to fully experience the whole park, but I think everyone went on rides they wanted to, and the park isn’t too big where you’re missing out on the attractions.


Horizon Sun: Is there another place you would have our field trip at? If so, where?

Sprinzl: I don’t think so, because this park offers the right amount of rides and no one has ever complained about going, so there hasn’t really been a second guess of going somewhere else.


Although we didn’t spend the whole day at Castles-N’-Coasters, there was meaning behind it. The field trip was an eye-opener and showed the students how physics is applied in the real world. Taking field trips is an important aspect of any class because it shows how classroom content is used in the real world, and sometimes in ways you may not expect. And if that isn’t enough, roller coasters are always fun, regardless of what you’re learning when you’re on one.