Summer Celebrations


Jessica Davis

Seventh grader Natalie Ratliff shows off her skills at limbo, winning the competition.

Clarissa Smith, Columnist

The middle school social took place on Friday, May 10, and got students excited for the end of school with its summer theme. Around 30 people were able to attend, and all enjoyed spending time with one another and celebrating their hard work throughout the year. There was plenty of food, games, leis, and fun. The middle school student council had many games prepared, plenty of food and drinks, and everything set up in an orderly fashion.

First off, the decorations were a great welcome. They matched the theme well, with lots of summer vacation vibes, and several great spots for pictures. Tikis, Hawaiian flowers strewn around the room, and other decorations were all used. They had hundreds of leis ready for everyone who walked through the doors.

The student council also did a spectacular job on preparation for food and games. They had multiple games available, such as limbo. They also allowed the students to play with the beach balls scattered across the MPR. If students were hungry, they could head over to a few tables to enjoy plenty of treats, snacks, and pizza.

The only thing that the student council wished they had more of were attendees. Student council works with teachers to set up these socials, but not many people come. By coming to these socials, you are engaging in your community, supporting the funding that the school needs to continue their fun after-school activities, and having fun at the same time. It’s especially enjoyable when you have friends to enjoy the event with, so inviting others is also a big part of participating in the socials.

These socials have hours of effort and careful planning put into them for you to enjoy the food, friends, and fun. There will be plenty of socials next year as well, and Middle School Student Council would love if you dropped by. They need your support, so clear your schedule and get ready to attend some of the best socials yet in the upcoming school year.