Our A+ Teacher of the Week: Mrs. K

Kalyn McLeod, Managing Editor

Horizon Honors’ very own Mrs. K was recognized for all her hard work by receiving the Channel 12 A+ Teacher of the Week award. I have had the honor of knowing Kelly Kowalczyk (known as Mrs. K to all her students) for all of my elementary school life, and she has helped me through so much. She personally helped me create the Elementary Service Club, but the entire school celebrated when she won the award. She was nominated by two elementary students for all her hard work to make Horizon Honors a No Place for Hate School, so every student can feel safe in class. She received the award on the morning of Dec. 11, 2019. Every member of the Intermediate Student Council and Elementary Service Club was there to support her. The story aired during the Channel 12 Morning Show on Dec. 12, but you can watch it on the Channel 12 website. The Horizon Sun congratulates Mrs. K on her award and recognition for everything she does for our school!