Bieber’s Music Mondays


Photo credit: Natori Cruz © 2013

“Heartbreaker” was the first to be released. Interview clips and singles will continue to be published weekly until his documentary is in theaters.

Kai Farley, Columnist

Justin Bieber’s Music Mondays project has begun. Bieber released his first official single, “Heart Breaker,” on Oct. 7, followed by “All That Matters” on Oct. 13, and his newest song, “Hold Tight,” on Oct. 20. He will continue releasing new songs until his film Believe 3D is released on Christmas Day. Bieber has also started Film Friday; every week, he posts a new section of his six-hour documentary.

His new tracks spotlight his R&B side as well as his thoughts about his breakup with Selena Gomez. Bieber explained the meaning of his single “Hold Tight:” “This song [Hold Tight] is about the one you can’t shake. I am a hopeless romantic, so when I love someone, I never want to let them go. This song is about the rush you get when you have that feeling…You just want to hold on as tight as you can. I tried to capture that with this one.” Another song rumored to be about Gomez is “All That Matters.” The song lyric, “what’s a king without his queen,” may be pointing toward Gomez because her fans identify her as their queen.

Beliebers are dedicated and waiting for his weekly output of new content. To keep up with his new music and film clips, check his Twitter, @justinbieber, for tweets about his new updates.