Pretty Little Liars: A Is Back

The Pretty Little Liars season five poster. The show will return Tuesday, June 10.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

The Pretty Little Liars season five poster. The show will return Tuesday, June 10.

Kai Farley, Columnist

ABC Family’s hit show “Pretty Little Liars” (“PLL”) will be returning for a summer season June 10, 2014. Season five will be airing until March 24, 2015 with 25 episodes, including a holiday special. This season will reveal who the mysterious “A” is and why they have been harming the girls. Writers and producers have confirmed that this season is focused on “bringing Ali home.” Not only will she have a lot of scenes, but also she will be in way more than just flashbacks or dreams. Executive producer Joseph Dougherty has stated, “Season five has a lot to do with figuring out allegiances in the new dynamic and how Rosewood is going to function when Ali comes back.”

Also resuming from the season four finale, viewers will find out Ezra’s fate. Marlene King, writer, producer, and director of “PLL” has tweeted fans confirming or denying popular questions and theories. So far, King has tweeted that, there will be episodes with themes like Christmas, back-to-school, and also a traumatic event will happen when the girls are stuck in school during a snow day. She also said, “Season five is wow.” Not only did she say that, but to The Hollywood Reporter, she commented that season five will be the most emotionally complex season so far. The main characters, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria will be returning along with the majority of the cast. Ali is also returning with a lot of air time. Nine of 25 episode titles are announced. However, this season’s slogan, catch phrases, and the rest of the episodes are still posted as TBA (to be announced). To keep up with announcements as the premier date grows closer, check Twitter and the show’s official website under ABC Family.