Take A Break With A Book

Allyssa Gauer, Columnist

There are many things to do over the summer break. Time off from school allows you to swim, hang out with friends and family, and of course, read a good book! The list below is of some of the top books around right now.

These are the best books to read according to The New York Times.

Top Thriller- “The Captives” by Debra Jo Immergut

  • About a girl who is accused of a brutal crime and meets a prison psychologist that immediately confirms her as his high-school crush. Together they face the dangers of crime and prison, with one event leading to another disaster.  

Top Cooking Book- “Eat a Little Better” by Sam Kass

  • The author, Sam Kass, was a previous chef for the Obama’s and wrote this book to make dieting a delicious habit for everyone.

Top Crime/ Mystery- “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara

  • This story is all about the journey of a single woman who searches for the Golden State killer and obsessed over catching.

Top Romance- “The Chateau” by Tiffany Reisz

  • Lieutenant Kingsley has killed, lied, cheated, and done pretty much everything under commands. However, his new task proves to be quite challenging as his commanding-officer’s nephew has gotten himself into a troublesome cult.

Top Travel Book- “The Art of the Wasted Day” by Patricia Hampl

  • A biography written by Patricia Hampl about historical monuments and traveling across the world to view these creations.

Top Sports-related book- “I’m Keith Hernandez” by Keith Hernandez

  • A famous first-baseman informs his audience of his journey through his perspective throughout his life.

These are the top sellers according to Amazon Best Sellers.

Top Kindle Book- “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff

  • The inside facts about President Trump and his behavior about the White House and the staff there as well.

Second bestseller on Kindle- “Say You’re Sorry” by Melinda Leigh

  • Morgan Dane moved to Scarlett Falls after the heartbreaking death of her husband, only to be met with another death, and her neighbor was accused of causing it. She must now decide who to believe and whether or not she will protect her neighbor after them pleading for her help.

Third bestseller on Kindle- “White Rose Black Forest” by Eoin Dempsey

  • Her home was once filled with happiness and laughter, and then disaster spread. A fatal illness hit her brother and father, making her life seem worthless. That is until she finds an airman lying unconscious. She can’t possibly leave him to die in the winter’s harsh wrath, so she takes him to her cabin to aid his wounds, except when she does, she discovers he is not who he appears to be. Now determined, Franka Gerber sets out on an adventure to find out who this mysterious man is.  

Hopefully one of these books will fill you with suspension and prove worthy of your summer time. Whether its romance, thrillers, or mysteries that get you going, try one of these books to stay in touch with those reading skills!