Simple How To’s: T-Shirt Making

Brian McDaniel

Don’t have the money to get custom shirts printed? Have an idea that you can’t flesh out for lack of equipment?
Well here’s a simple and cheap way to make your own shirts.

-A bleach pen
-A blank t-shirt (try and go for a darker color)
-Protective lining to place inside the shirt while sketching (i.e. cardboard)


  1. Place the protective lining (e.g. cardboard) in the shirt.
  2. The easiest step: START DRAWING!  You can make the design whatever you want, and it can be over the whole shirt. It might take some trial and error, but in the end it’s your art that graces the colored fabric. If you’re stuck on what to do, use things you know to create an image.
  3. After you are all done with your sketch, take out the cardboard and take your shirt to a water source, such as a tub or sink.
  4. Drench the shirt and wash out all the bleach from the shirt. Wring it out a few times just to make sure you get all the bleach out. (Gloves are a good thing to wear while handling the bleach)
  5. Hang up the shirt to dry.

After all this, you will have a wonderful, new custom-made shirt that you can wear with pride. For added effect, make an image repeat. This way, you can wear the shirt to Horizon and not have to worry about being dress coded.