Juniors Becoming Seniors


Adaptation of photograph by Charline Tetiyevsky, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Copyright © 2007 Charline Tetiyevsky

Tiara Chakkaw , Associate Editor - Features and Extras

Finally, through the countless hours of homework, stress, and tests, the class of 2014 is moving up to become the next graduating class. Suddenly, college seems to be rapidly approaching, and reality begins to hit. With the next stage in life coming closer, how should upcoming seniors prepare for what’s ahead while avoiding stressing out too much?

Start applying to colleges.  Begin applications over the summer as it’s better to start earlier than later when it comes to college. Tackle the essays first, as the process will take the most time to polish and edit. Make sure to keep track of the application deadlines; this is your future, so don’t delay the start of college because of a late application.

Don’t slack off.  It’s easy to catch the infamous “Senioritis,” but it’s important to maintain good grades, especially in your last year. Don’t blow off all those years of hard work when you’ve already come so far! It’s a good idea to be even more on top of your academics than ever to show colleges you can keep consistent grades and will constantly remain hard working.

Discuss finances with your family.  Get a grasp of how much money you are able to put towards college, deducting any possible scholarships or financial aids you are planning to receive. While on the subject of scholarships, continue to research scholarships and create a list of those you plan to tackle over the summer.

Extracurriculars.  Participate in community service and volunteer at places where you plan to work. For example, if you plan on going into the medical field, look into volunteering at the hospital. This can make your college application stand out to the admissions center of the college, giving you an advantage over other applicants.

Despite the amount of planning college requires, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s your last year! You’ve finally made it and you’re about to embark on the next stage in your life. While you enjoy your last few moments in high school, remain optimistic about the future and the the exciting adventures of what is to come!