The World of Stories and Fables Chapter 10

Katy Abbe, Columnist

I ended up sleeping through the next day, waking every once in awhile when Chase or Arthur would come in to check on me. Arthur would always force me to drink a little water and refused to leave until I finished the whole cup while Chase prefered to play around. I didn’t really mind much, as it was a struggle to keep my eyes open as he jumped around the room. Thankfully the morning after that, I felt immensely better.

When I awoke, the sun was just beginning to peak out from behind the horizon. I escaped the confines of my bed and glanced out the window, my eyes falling onto a shadow covered world with a line of brilliantly yellow light just starting to widen in the horizon. Next to the light, a soft hue of a dusty pink stretched towards the light, muddy blue sky.

Turning around, I carefully made my way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I tip-toed across the wooden floor, trying not to let it creak for fear of waking the boys.

The home was covered in a hazy darkness and it took awhile to get my eyes to adjust to the aphotic setting. Once I could see enough that I needn’t fear fumbling around and crashing into things, I slowly made my way to the counter and found the water bucket. I plucked up a cup that lay next to it and dipped it into the water. I took a drink and walked aimlessly around the room.

Their kitchen was surprisingly clean for a couple of bachelors. I assumed it was Arthur who was so keen on keeping the area neat and tidy; he was the type to have things orderly, Mr. It’s-My-Job-To-Protect-People. I let out a sigh as I grabbed a loaf of bread from the table and tore off a chunk to eat. As I plopped a piece into my mouth, I thought about Arthur and Zander, and Gilgamesh.

I wished I could do something to stop Gilgamesh. After all, I was the victim, not Arthur or Zander. It made sense for me to confront the villain myself, to take care of my own problems…but how I would do just that, I wasn’t sure. I paused as I lifted my cup to my lips and sipped the cool water slowly.

Arthur was a knight, so that meant that he had access to weapons. If I could get my hands on one, and maybe a bit more protective clothing and food, I could go off and find Gilgamesh. I did have a general idea of where he was, and I had gathered enough information about the land to make it there safely.

Quickly, I set the cup down quietly and left the kitchen. I slowly tip-toed around the house, peering into a few rooms while avoiding Arthur and Chase. I found closets and a spare room, but nothing that held any swords or other sharp things I could use to impale. Disappointed, I slipped outside to check out the tiny shack connected to the house.

The shack worn and old looking, definitely a place that was used often. A few cobwebs covered the sides, reaching up towards the roof, and there was dust all over the wooden surfaces. I reached for the cracked knob and grasped it gingerly, avoiding splinters, and gave it a turn. With a bit of an irritated whine, the knob followed my direction. I tugged open the down, which squeaked loudly. I cringed, and waited a moment, listening for anything in the silence that would indicate that someone had heard me. Thankfully, not a sound was made except for the content chirping of a bird flying over heard, and I slipped into the shack.

Once I entered the miniscule space I let out a gasp as the scent of mildew and rot filled my nose. I brought my hand to my nose and quickly pinched it shut as I inhaled through my mouth. Quickly, I scanned the dust coated room, and felt my heart leap as my gaze fell onto a long, thin rectangular shape that came to a point. Cautiously, I climbed over the piles of scrap metal and rust and moss covered wood and made my way to the back. There, I found a scabbard laying against the wall.

Taking a deep breath, I removed my hand from my nose and picked up the mildewy scabbard. As I held the air in my lungs, I swung the scabbard around and was pleased to fight the hilt of a sword sticking out of the other side. Satisfied and eager to get out of the shack, I rushed to the door with my weapon in hand and quickly jumped out into the open.

The sun had climbed over the horizon by the time I was breathing fresh air again. I gulped down the oxygen tinted with the scent of grass and fresh earth as I looked down at my find to get a better look.

The hilt of the sword was golden, with a single emerald set at its handle. Though the scabbard was covered in a sort of slime, the hilt appeared to be freshly polished and well cared for. I felt the need to wipe my hand on my night gown before touching the elegant handle.

Once I had disposed of most of the slime, I grabbed the handle and pulled the sword out of it’s scabbard. The blade was as well-kept as the hilt, made of a shining grey metal that glimmered in the light. With a smile I ran a finger across the blade, which was smooth and firm.

Curiously, I dropped the scabbard to the ground and held the hilt with both hands. I gave the hefty blade a swing and it sliced through the air, sending an interesting collection of audio vibrations through the air. I stumbled a bit from the force, but all in all was able to keep my feet planted in the grass. I smirked, feeling confident with my sword wielding.

The muffled sound of a door closing emanated from inside. With a bit of a jump, I grabbed the scabbard and quickly sheathed the blade. I clutched the sword to my chest and slowly wandered back towards the house.

I peered in through the door and listened for any noise, when there was only silence to be heard, I slipped through the door and headed back to my room. The sound of footsteps filled the hall and with a hasty dash I leaped through the door and onto my bed. I hid the sword underneath the covers and fell back into the sheets. My gaze locked onto the door and I tried to steady my breathing as the footsteps grew louder. The footsteps came to a halt just outside the doorway and the knob began to turn. I shut my eyes and tried to appear sound asleep as the distinctive steps of Arthur’s boots filled the room.

My heart pounded in my ears while I felt Arthur’s blue gaze scan me. He came to the bed and his hands brushed against the sheets. The mildewy scabbard bumped into my leg and it took everything in my power to keep a grimace off of my face.

Arthur let out a gentle sigh and I felt a large and rough hand rub against my forehead. I felt my cheeks heat up as his thumb glided across the bridge of my nose and I prayed that he wouldn’t notice the red on my face.

Suddenly, his hand disappeared, and his footsteps gently filled the room again. I cracked an eye open and watched as he slipped out of the room and softly shut the door behind him. I let out a sigh of relief and turned in my sheets, pulling up the covers so that I could look at the slimy scabbard which held a magnificent sword. Running my hand against it, I smiled as I realized that soon I could go off and battle Gilgamesh. Soon, I could slip away and be productive.

Soon, I would be one step closer to figuring out who I am.