College Knowledge: Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University is a large urban public school, with many degree opportunities available to a diverse range of students.


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Moran

Pictured is one of the many educational buildings, located on CWRU campus, where students take classes and spend time studying.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

Applications are out, ACTs and SATs are underway, and you only have so much time before you’re out of high school and into college. In order to ease your stress, here’s some information about Case Western Reserve University. It could be exactly the school you’ve been looking for.

Case Western (CWRU) is located in Ohio, right in the middle of the city of Cleveland. Although this is a Division Three school, the urban campus is fairly large and home to 9,837 students. There are eight schools within the university, and 200 degree programs. CWRU is very big in engineering and health/medical work, but the numerous amounts of majors and minors available create no limitations for students interested in other subjects.

The social life at CWRU is seen in a variety of ways as well. Thirty percent of the student body is involved with Greek life. Greek life however, unlike some schools, is based off of the degree you’re studying or the community service you’re interested in. CWRU is also located in a very cultural part of the state, so many of the events that occur allow you to experience the cultural diversity of the state through music performances, food events, and more.

As your high school career is coming to a close, and the world of college is approaching faster and faster, consider Case Western Reserve University for your future school!