Defining Diversity

Zach Asato, Photo/Video Editor

How can diversity truly be defined? I believe diversity means inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all, regardless of culture or ethnic background. A person’s background is what makes him or her unique as an “individual.” It is not what should be the basis for insult or exclusion. I’d like to think that if everyone treats each other as they would like to be treated and everyone would not make any assumptions about another person, then our community would be a much better place.

Inclusion, acceptance, and respect… these traits are the values that I hold dearest to my heart. In my Hawaiian culture, there is an emphasis put on the Aloha Spirit or Spirit of Aloha. Although the term can take on a multitude of definitions, it is really the idea of a community. A community is made up of people who love, care for, and assist each other. I try to incorporate what I’ve learned through my family and those around me to be an effective individual in the community that is Horizon Community Learning Center.

I think that it is important to note that no culture is the exact same. There may be some similarities, but keep in mind the differences. Don’t pressure anyone to do something that he or she might not be comfortable with and avoid bringing up controversial topics. Although diversity is an important component of our lives, I feel as though the only reason that the term exists is because people refuse to ignore their perceptions of other cultures. If everyone was to see others the same as themselves, then there would be no need for “diversity.” It would become a part of human nature. It would not be something that would have to be taught, but something that would be expressed naturally.