Tips and Tricks to Not Get Sick

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

Winter is here, and although it is a fun season to eat cookies and spend time with family,  you’re also more likely to catch a cold. No one wants this, and there are some simple ways to avoid getting sick in order to stay healthy the entire holiday season.


These are something we can easily overlook, but they are a huge part of how your body, and more importantly, your immune system, runs. Therefore, a lack of vitamins, especially in the winter, can cause your immune system to be weaker, making you substantially more vulnerable to illnesses. However, you can fix this by spending time in the sun, taking vitamin chews, and eating fruits such as oranges to help improve your vitamin intake and keep you happy and healthy. If you live too far north or south to see the sun in winter, or it’s too cold to go outside, there are lamps available on Amazon that mimic the Vitamin D-giving rays of the sun.


Teas such as green tea and black tea with lemon or honey have many health benefits, and your tastebuds will thank you too. Drinking tea and breathing in steam stimulates the cilia—the hair follicles in the nose—to remove germs more efficiently, according to Today. Lemon thins mucus, and honey is antibacterial. That said, tea is the perfect winter drink for your body.


Humming may annoy other people, but not as much as it annoys germs. “Humming has been shown to increase nitric oxide in the nose, which is antimicrobial,” says Dr. Payne. Try this technique from an Indian study: Take a deep breath, close one nostril, and exhale out the other nostril as you hum. Repeat on the other side. Do this five times. Allergy sufferers who tried it after using a steroid nasal spray twice a day for three months felt about half as congested as those who only used a spray, the study reports according to The Today Show.

With these easy tips and tricks, you will be able to prevent the common cold problem and will stay happy and healthy for all of the holiday season.