More Than Just a Cup of Joe

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

Coffee is a popular caffeine drink that is a part of nearly 83 percent of the world’s daily routine. On average, people drink around three cups a day, which is equal to more than 537 million cups of coffee worldwide. However, many of them don’t know that it has uses other than an energy boost according to Today. There are also many ways to avoid the downsides of coffee, such as staining clothes and teeth. Here are some tips and tricks that show that coffee is more than just a popular beverage.

Coffee Ice Cubes:

Iced coffee or cold brew is a great summer drink that still has the benefits of regular coffee It’s only drawback is that the ice melts in your drink and makes the coffee watery and lose its flavor. Nonetheless, there is an easy fix that only requires some extra coffee and an ice cube tray. Simply pour the coffee into the tray, let it sit in the freezer for 4-6 hours, and then add it to your drink. This will make sure your coffee stays flavorful the entire time.

Coffee Grounds in the Garden:

Instead of throwing coffee grounds out after making a fresh pot of coffee, keep them. They are rich in nitrogen, potassium, and other minerals that plants crave. Adding coffee grounds to plants, especially highly acidic plants like tomatoes, can result in a much larger yield and larger fruit. It also works well with root vegetables like carrots and beets, according to Home Grounds. Once you are done making your coffee, lay and spread out the coffee grounds on a paper plate, let them dry in the sun for a couple hours, and then they will be ready to make a great addition to your garden.

Coffee Filter Decor:

In need of some new and different home decor? Look no further than some paper coffee filters. These are great to spray paint and hang or make origami out of.  The creativity and originality of this guarantees that you will be the only one with this adorable decoration. They are sure to give your house a great new look no matter the season.

Coffee Skin Exfoliator:  

Despite the fact that coffee grounds are usually thought of as a one-use item, you can easily reuse them in a exfoliating body scrub. Simply mix one cup of ground coffee with  ½  a cup of an oil of your choice, and ½ a cup of sugar to create the perfect in-shower scrub.  Their benefits go beyond exfoliation as they nourish the skin, can reduce wrinkles, and fade stretch marks. This scrub can work well with used and/or fresh coffee grounds and will make a great addition to your self- pampering routine.

DIY Coffee Stain Remover:

Spilling your coffee on a brand new shirt, or any clothing at all, is never a good thing; not only is it embarrassing, but it can permanently ruin your clothes. When you are at school or work, no one will have white vinegar and eggs at their disposal.  However, there is a no sweat solution that can include your choice of either hand sanitizer or baby wipes. If you choose the hand sanitizer, use a generous amount of it over the stained area, let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then wash with plain water and you will be good to go. If you choose the baby wipes route, bunch up the stained shirt with a baby wipe on top and in between the two layers of the shirt, then wash with soap and water and get back to your day with squeaky clean clothes.   

These life hacks prove that one of the world’s most popular drinks can be used for more than people would normally think of. Along with tips for preventing the few downsides of coffee, these hacks will leave you energized and happy.