Figuring Out Party Food

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

When invited to any gathering, guests usually feel guilty to show up with nothing, so the majority show up with a host or hostess gift. A homemade dish of any sort seems to be the most happily welcomed, states The Daily Meal. Not only will the host enjoy the thought put into the dish, but will also appreciate the time invested in the dish to make it tasty as can be.

Be that as it may, you can’t bring any old food to a special occasion. You want your food to be a hit and be all gone by the time the party’s over. Furthermore, there are many common allergies that need to be considered and avoided when picking a recipe for a gathering. Allergies to common foods such as milk, peanut butter, shellfish,eggs, and more can be a huge issue. These allergies can cause serious allergic reactions which can lead to hospitalization, so it is best to avoid them. Therefore if you stick to recipes such as salads and appetizers, it will leave the spotlight for the hostess’ entree and will benefit other partygoers taste buds without limiting them due to allergies. Although there are a few recipes that will be a hit no matter what. These links will help to get your recipe as a favorite in everyone’s book: edamame hummus with homemade chips, caramel apple and brie skewers, and a loaded baked potato dip.

However, everyone has a different favorite snack, and it can seem impossible to please everyone.

The Horizon Sun: What is your favorite party snack and why?

Sara Rodgers, seventh grade: My favorite party food is cake because it is simple and you can make it yourself.

Keith Johnson, seventh grade: My favorite party dish is pizza because I love pepperoni.

Meredith Albert, seventh grade: I like chips and guacamole, because appetizers are my favorite.

Jose Hernandez, seventh grade: French fries are my favorite because I enjoy salty foods.

Sofia Gagnier, seventh grade: Pineapple pizza is my favorite because I love pineapple with cheese.

Daniel Acuna, seventh grade: I like deep dish pizza as a party food, because it has so much cheese inside.

Amber Fretwell, sophomore: Pizza, because it goes with everything and every event. You can serve pizza anywhere and it will be acceptable.

When having a party, or attending one, make sure to not only know your audience’s favorites but also to have a good variety to have a better chance at having everyone’s favorite foods. If you can master this small step you will have everyone wanting to come to your party!