Lil Tay, Big No!

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in the popularity of disrespectful content in social media. Stars such as BhadBhabie, Woah Vicky, Jake Paul, and Lil Tay have risen to fame for no reason other than their bad attitudes and harmful pranks. This is only teaching their young and impressionable audience inappropriate habits.

Lil Tay’s disrespectful acts are affecting more than just her followers. Her rude catchphrases such as “this cost more than yo mama’s rent” and “all y’all broke haters be mad and jealous” have taken a toll on her own mama’s rent, after she got her mother, Angela Tian, fired from her real-estate job.

Tian lost her job because she let Lil Tay “flex” online using expensive cars and houses that belonged to her clients. And since her mother’s employer and clients did not approve or appreciate Lil Tay making money off of their belongings, her mother was let go in order to prevent any more mayhem. Despite her mom’s apparent control over her actions and what she says in her videos, Lil Tay isn’t being taught parental respect by getting her literal own mother fired.

Furthermore, Lil Tay’s attitude is not her only issue. Her physical actions are also something to take note of, after herself and Woah Vicky were said to be involved in a fight with Danielle Bregoli, or Bhad Bhabie, on Hollywood Boulevard. And although the extremity of this fight seemed rather low according to the TheDailyDot, it still is not something to brag about.

This lavish yet unnecessary lifestyle is also affecting her own childhood in a negative way. Lil Tay has claimed to be nine years old for nearly a year now, and it may be that she had just turned nine when her first video was posted. However, it is more than likely that Lil Tay believes that her single-digit-age excuses her immaturity, and makes her “flexing” more impressive, according to TMZ. If her age is true, this should be a crucial time for her to pick up on some good habits and learn important lessons, rather than teaching others poor choices.

Although it may be fun to watch a hyper nine year old make it rain hundred dollar bills while sitting on a Rolls Royce, young audiences especially should try their best to turn to more positive influencers that are maybe even a little older and wiser. And this would ultimately help Lil Tay in the end, because although this crazy lifestyle may seem fun now, the attention and following will eventually turn negative and will not end well. Therefore, if her following slowly decreases, the nine year old flexer will be able to continue with a somewhat normal life; she may also be able to pick up on some beneficial morals that she currently lacks.