The Resistance Reaches the End

Everything has a beginning and an end, just like “Star Wars” and its final installment: “The Rise of Skywalker.”



As we say goodbye to “Star Wars,” fans everywhere are theorizing about the potential outcomes of the final movie.

Gael Solis, Columnist

“Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker” is the last movie in the “Star Wars” saga, a franchise that has been around since 1977. This movie takes place one year after “Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,” where, after a last stand, the New Republic failed to hold against the evil First Order on the planet Crait. This obviously leaves fans with a few questions before the movie is released. The main issue is what to expect in the final episode of a decades-long series.

For starters, we might get a look at a new fleet for the “light side” of the Force. The last time we visited “Star Wars,” the New Republic was trying to get in contact with the remnants of the Resistance fleet in the outer realms of the universe. This means we might see the Resistance with a chance to defeat the Empire once and for all, after the battle featured in the previous movie.

We can also expect for Rey (Daisy Ridley) to have trained to become a more powerful Jedi to finally confront Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), Darth Vader wannabe. In the released trailers, we see Rey and Kylo fighting in what is rumored to be the remains of one of the Death Stars from the original trilogy. It is also believed they will have another confrontation on the planet Luke Skywalker was hiding out on, called Ahch-to, shown in “The Last Jedi.”

Near the end of the teaser, an entire Imperial fleet is shown, with Emperor Palpatine (Palpatine’s actor for this movie is unknown, but rumor holds that Ian McDiarmid will return to his role) having a featured voiceover. Although Palpatine was believed to be dead after “Return of the Jedi,” these trailers have fueled new debates over Palpatine’s current state. According to BBC, some believe Emperor Palpatine is not dead at all, while others claim that he is a Force ghost, much like Yoda (Frank Oz) in “The Last Jedi.”

Also shown is a giant blast beam destroying a planet; many people guess that another superweapon is on the way. Additionally, it has been confirmed that the Knights of Ren and Sith Troopers will both be making an appearance, according to Inverse.

The movie’s official release date is Dec. 20, 2019. This movie will end the original saga and will likely include many space battles, heartfelt moments, and intense scenes that will truly give us the grand finale we’ve hoped for the end of perhaps the greatest and most popular franchise ever created.