Campus Control

Missouri College is establishing a new standard of class attendance.



A new app may determine participation and attendance points at college.

Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist

Technology has advanced much over the years, surprising us all with the new things it can do. Colleges have always been hot spots for tech development, but there is potentially a whole new level of technology in the works for campuses. A tracking app, spotterEDU, is being used on new Missouri College students to stop them from playing hooky. According to the New York Post, this app was developed by Rick Cater and uses the college’s Wifi to make sure students aren’t skipping their classes. “Downloading the Spotter is not mandatory,” The Kansas City Star writes. The app was recently introduced as a trial to nearly 20 classes.

The app was first used on student-athletes. Before the app was used, team representatives would check in on their players in classes every once in awhile, according to the Daily Tar Heel. Now, the app sends real-time alerts to professors or coaches about a student’s location once they are within range of a device within a classroom. The app tracks when a student enters a classroom and when they cut out early. This is being used to ensure that the athletes are attending classes often enough, since class attendance is correlated with college success.

“At the conclusion of this semester and the pilot program, we intend to work with university administration, faculty and the student body to solidify a position on whether the technology should be adopted campus-wide,” McCabe, Director of Communications for the Missouri Students Association said. 

Many people believe that this is an intrusive way to use tech and are questioning if the app is really just tracking them for attendance. The Washington Post goes so far as to say that the app turns students’ phones into “surveillance machines.” A variety of people across the nation agree, including those at Mizzou. Pinpointing students does not seem necessary. There are plenty of other ways to monitor student attendance. A sign-in sheet has its purpose, and roll call has always been a possibility. If the college expands its app to all students, other colleges may follow suit, leading to a new level of monitoring attendance of students.