Grateful Days

Connor Davis, Columnist

We can all agree that 2020 has definitely been a pretty sub-par year, right? I think it seems pretty reasonable to reflect on what we’re grateful for with Thanksgiving coming up. To me, this is how my family has been personally affected very little by COVID-19, other than restrictions on my parents’ jobs, and the inability to leave the house. My family has stayed relatively safe over the quarantine. With safety measures getting more and more rigorous, and numbers of positive cases back on the rise, I think it a blessing that none of my immediate family has tested positive. My Thanksgiving will be just me and immediate family like always, so I chalk that up on the list for things I’m grateful for. To sum it all up, even if 2020 hasn’t been that great of a year, people still have many things to be grateful for. I know many who are similarly grateful that their families are safe. With everything going on, I think that a good many people have forgotten to count their blessings and only seen the negatives of the year, but many good things can happen on a personal level on a daily basis, so I think it’s important that people don’t forget about things like that, especially right now. On that note, I would like to remind everyone just to stay positive, and that things won’t be horrible forever. The year can only go up from here.