Finals are Beneficial


Photo courtesy of Christi Britt

Kai Farley, Columnist

As the school year is coming to an end, finals and summer  are fast approaching.  The dreaded final exams are a tool used by teachers to assess how well you have mastered or retained information from the specific subject. They often decide on what courses you can take next year, whether it’s time  to repeat a class,  continue to the next level, or even advance to honors and AP.

As much as they are disliked, if you prepare and study well, they could boost your grade. When having a borderline grade, a grade between two percents, finals can bring you to a  higher grade letter or keep you in the same letter. Another way they can help you out is when you have low test scores. In the test portion of your grade, if you get at the minimum of one percent higher than your last score, it can earn you a higher percentage in the class. If students are well prepared for their tests, they can take the last minute chance and get a better final grade. According to  a debate on, only 47 percent of people voted that finals helped the learning process. They may be long and require a lot of work, but in the can be worth it later on.