Summer Homework: Waste of Time or a Helpful Advantage?


Photo by Lauren Arenas

Lauren Arenas, Student Opinion Editor

As summer comes every year, students become excited to spend a couple months away from the stresses of school. It is a time to spend with friends and participate in extracurricular activities. It seems that throughout the years however, free time during summer has decreased due to an increase in the amount of summer homework that students are given. As expected, many students resent the work that they are given over summer. They do not choose to see the benefits that come as a result of putting in a little extra effort over their summer break.

It is a simple generalization that most students do not enjoy homework. It takes up time that they would rather spend doing something else, and a majority of the time students feel like they are only given “busy work.” Students feel like having a break from school should mean that they are given temporary relief from the work that comes along with their classes. It is frustrating for some that they have to spend some of their precious summer hours working on schoolwork.

Although summer homework may seem like a hassle, it is important to understand that the work is being given for a reason. Teachers have been well educated, and would not give students extra homework if they did not believe it would benefit students. Often times, summer homework is given to the students to give them basic knowledge of the topics that they will be learning throughout the year. The homework serves as a small glimpse of what is to come. Without the summer assignments, the students would not have the knowledge necessary to retain the information that will be given over the next school year.

Many things in life may not be enjoyable, but will prove to be beneficial in the end. Summer homework is just one of the things that kids believe teachers come up with to make their students’ lives miserable. In reality, putting time in over summer will only help the students. It is a time to get ahead of the game and gain imperative knowledge that will propel their learning for the remainder of the year. The important thing for students to remember is that what they give during their summers is what they give back. If they work hard on the homework that they may have, they will be given a helpful advantage because they will have perfected their basic knowledge. Summer homework is not a torture device invented by teachers to ruin their students’ summers; it is the teachers’ way of ensuring that their students will be stories of success.