Helpful horoscopes


Not only do astrological signs give you horoscopes, but so do constellation patterns. The phrase “your answers are written in the stars” can be taken quite literally when it comes to astrology. Photo Courtesy: Kai Farley Copyright © 2013 Kai Farley

Kai Farley, Columnist

A horoscope is a prediction based off of astrology, the study of celestial bodies and their impact on earth and humans. The Greek word originally means to look at the hours. People use this to provide answers for life’s tricky questions. They aren’t always true, however, the events are always similar and helpful to my life. For example, if I check it at the beginning of the week, I find it always goes how it said. This week it said, your hard work will pay off, and sure enough, after finals, it did pay off. They change depending on the source. A teen magazine will say something completely different from an app or newspaper. If I read mine, I use an app or online newspaper such as New York Times. Certain sources are definitely more credible than others. If each star sign has a similar message or you receive the same scope multiple times they are not true. They also may not always be applicable due to age. Your sun or star sign depends on each birth month, which is also called tropical astrology.The zodiac, gives each month an animal that your horoscopes are based on. All of this comes together, providing people with predictions for each day, week, or month.

Horoscopes can impact the way a person acts, their life, or how they treat others. People often become very superstitious when following their reading. A horoscope typically tells you something about love, upcoming happiness or trouble, and things to watch for. Some give you a lucky color, number or other star sign to stick to for that amount of time. By following this, it is believed to have a happy and balanced life.