The Final Hour

Katy Abbe, Columnist

2014. I recall way back in fifth grade that that number meant nothing to me. When I took the AIMS and wrote down my year of graduation I remember thinking, Wow, that is so far away, I don’t think I’ll ever graduate. Today, I look at that number- 2k14- and I find myself musing, Wow, the end of the year is so far away, I don’t think I’ll ever graduate. Of course, the mark of the senior lunch is the mark of my last week of high school, and so the time has come for me to finally learn how to read a calendar. 2014 is here, and I am going to graduate along with my fellow 78 students. I’m still having trouble comprehending that my time has come to leave the cozy nest called Horizon, but like a baby eagle I must be shoved out of my comfort place and do my best to soar across the rapidly approaching forest floor… Or I guess in our home of sun and heat we’re flying over the dry, cracked desert rocks. Nevertheless, Horizon won’t let us seniors leave without a tender send off. They would like to feed us as a family before we spread our wings and push away from the nest.

The first thing we did when we walked through the door of the decorated Multipurpose Room, we picked up our yearbooks. Then, we recieved foods, such as sandwiches, pasta and delicious donuts. Once we had all gotten plates filled with to the brim with tasty treats, we were treated to the fun parts of the day.

Senior Connor Pendleton was the emcee for the afternoon. He vibrantly invited senior Aubrey Chaston and freshman Joey Vitagliano to take the stage to perform “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.” Chaston’s voice was sweet and ardent as she sang the lyrics she wished to part the school with, while Vitagliano backed her up on the guitar. There may have been a few bugs here and there, but overall the passionate song got everyone’s attention.

Next, seniors Josh Smith and Diana Carlson presented the Senior Superlatives. The following seniors have been graced with truly promising futures! Marti Weary is the most likely to learn how to speak whale; Lauren Arenas is the most likely to wear a Horizon shirt to college; Zach Allen is most likely going to be the next Victor Frankenstein; Blaykleigh Smythe is going to take over the world; Manu Kondapi is most likely going to have a theorem named after her; Jack Kenzler has a probable future of becoming a shepherd; Savannah Pratt will probably trip over nothing; Kelly Lockett may, if not will, find herself living in a van by a river; Orion Igleheart will form a hunter and gatherer society; Jacinda Bringas will save the universe and Zach Tostenson will make that difficult for her; Austin Howard is going to laugh it up at clown school; Shelby Lemme is probably an Alien, however that’s a secret; and Bryanna Warbelton might just show up late for her wedding.

After everyone was congratulated on their bright futures, junior Anthony Airdo had a speech that was uplifting and funny! He encouraged us to “enjoy where you are” and to not be too concerned with whether or not the future is bleak or whether the past holds the peak of your life. Live in the moment, because the present is a gift.

At the end, those who had been at Horizon since at least middle school were able to take a look at their 8th grade pages, while the rest could linger or shuffle back to class. All in all, it was a fun afternoon that provided a great time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. As seniors, we are going to be leaving soon, going off to spread our wings, but… It’s important for everyone to remember to live in the moment like Airdo encouraged. We need not fear a future that hasn’t happened yet, but rather look forward to it as we take one day at a time.

Class of 2014, good luck! Those who still have yet to graduate, enjoy your last few years or year. I know that no matter the grade, we’ll all prove that we can shine as we start to soar or continue to prepare to. I love you all!