The Inequality of Pockets

Women often have a lot to carry around, and although purses are useful, sometimes pockets work just fine- oh, wait, these jeans have fake pockets.


Photo Courtesy of Selina Fluty

The trending fashion of fake pockets in womens’ clothing is often complained about, although the trend is still going strong.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

If you’ve ever crossed into the magical realm of Tumblr, you’ve obviously heard of the inequality of pockets. Many bloggers, including myself, have seen the outrage of fake pockets in womens’ clothing. “Teenager posts,” or pictures based off of these Tumblr rants, have addressed this issue as well.

For some unknown reason, fake pockets are trending in womens’ fashion. From jeans to the inside of jackets, women are running out of pockets. It’s unfair that menswear has more room to store small objects.

Why is this trending? Please, someone explain to me; why would women want to wear clothes that don’t have this essential layering of fabric? They’re important parts of clothing! For example, some girls need to shove their phone into their front pocket for a quick moment, maybe because the phone tends to slip out of the back pockets, like my phone. Alas, we must deal with the consequences because some designer thought that it was unimportant. What’s the point of making it look like there’s pockets on a pair of jeans, but sew the top shut? It’s a waste of thread and denim.

There’s also the inequality that mens’ jackets tend to have pockets snugly hidden away on the inside of the jacket, but this sounds like the work of a madman in womens’ jackets. Several bloggers on Tumblr have mentioned they’d like a place to put their fandom merchandise when out and about, to whip out their sonic screwdriver like their favorite Doctor from BBC’s “Doctor Who,” or maybe to reach for their wand when they find other fangirls and fanboys, not too different from “Harry Potter.” It doesn’t take much more effort to put this in. Women tend to have to carry a great many things, from travel-sized makeup to wallets – it’d be much more convenient for women to fit those larger or less wide objects in that hidden pocket.

Overall, an increase of pockets in womens’ clothing could clear up a whole ton of problems, and many of our bloggers on Tumblr will heartily celebrate this change in clothing.