The Dress Code

Something that has been brought to my attention at our Horizon Honors is people pushing the limits on the dress code. Yes, the office sends out reminders in the announcements that leggings aren’t permitted unless the shirt is long enough, or you aren’t allowed to wear jackets with words or logos on them. The thing is, some teachers uphold these rules, and others don’t. I have seen girls get dress coded by a teacher for having shorts that are a little bit too short, while there are other girls out there who are wearing shorts even shorter than those!

    There are two solutions to this problem: either lower the standards on the dress code, or keep it the same and make sure the teachers are aware of how their students dress. I believe that this would change the amount of frustration in the students because it will be fair.
      I believe that Horizon Honors’ really does let you show your individuality, even if you may not be able to do it the way you want through your style . Believe me, if I could, I would wear pajama pants to school every day! I suppose that the reason we have a somewhat strict dress code is because how we dress represents our school. If the students dress classy, it tells everyone else that Horizon is classy. If we dress trashy, that also says something about our school.

It would change Horizon for the better if we had a clear idea of the dress code. Every student knows the dress code, but they still push the limits just to see how far they can go. If the teachers worked together to ensure that students follow it, I know that Horizon Honors will continue to hold its classy reputation.