Teen Jobs

Teen jobs are stressed a little too much. Being a teen myself, it is unbelievably difficult to balance school, extra activities, and a job. I understand however that kids need money and adults believe that a job helps them to be independent for future means. However, I don’t believe some adults really understand how hard it could get sometimes. Adults have a job to keep them occupied throughout the day, 8-5. Teens go from school, to activities, and then straight to work with no break in between sometimes. And don’t forget the amount of homework teens must to do be able to pass high school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on adults. I know they have their part too with having to deal with their kids and housework. But most of the time they do take all the stress teens have for granted. Saying, “they’re a teenager, what do they have to stress about?” I for one stress over the fact that I’m not even 18 and I have a job to help pay for some bills while I also go to school everyday. I’m a growing teenager; I should be able to live and make memories while I’m still young before I become an age as to which a job is required.