Take a Swing with Golf


Dane Allen, grade 12, at practice. Used with permission by Dane Allen.

The Horizon Honors golf team is comprised of students from all grade levels, all hoping to make a mark on the course. The golf team calls the freshmen on the team “The Fab Four.”  The team tries to meet Monday through Thursday, from three o’clock until sundown.
Zach Dunham, grade 9, has been playing golf for two years.  Dunham is hoping to receive a university-level golf scholarship. “I have many different idols in golf,” Dunham explained.  “I don’t even know if I could pick one!” When asked about his individual skills, Dunham noted, “I’ll bring low scores and help advise other players on the course.” He doesn’t quite know what he would do without golf. Golf has been a wonderful opportunity for him to meet other students while still enjoying what he loves most.

GraceMarie Schian, grade 12, has been on the Horizon Honors golf team for two years.“I really find golf to be very skilled and enjoyable.” She received an academic scholarship to Tampa University.

Coach Schneider has been coaching the Varsity team for three and a half years. He feels that the difference between the 2011-2012 and the 2012-2013 year is the amount of experience. The veterans and some of the strongest players of the team are Chris Senna, Dane Allen, and GraceMarie Schian. Schneider believes that the team has a good chance in the state competition because of their dedication. He laughingly exclaimed, “If you want to be the team, you got to beat the team, wooooh!”