Daisy Valentin
Daisy, senior, grew up in Arizona and California. She faced the difficulties of constantly changing schools, and never staying in one place.  She believes that there is nothing more important than family. Along with two wonderful parents, she has three younger brothers. Her greatest role model is her mother, who has always been there for her. She found ways to bond with her mom through a hobby they both share, volleyball. She has been playing since the third grade, and was a part of the CAA Champion All-Stars team, in 2010-2011. Volleyball is a sport in which, Daisy is able to express herself.  Her friends play an important role in her life, always being a helpful and supportive. She has a true passion for dance, volleyball, cheer and writing.

Daisy is very excited to be a part of Journalism, for a fourth and final year. She plans on taking the course throughout all of high school and describes it as her favorite class, being the class she looks forward to most. She believes that joining Journalism was the best decision she had ever made. Daisy was very ecstatic that the Journalism team expanded from the previous year, and is very eager to see what new members can bring to the paper. She feels that by joining Journalism she has found another family.

Daisy Valentin, Website Administrator

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