Catching Up With the Boys’ Volleyball Team

Aaron Tam and teammates practice after school.

Aaron Tam and teammates practice after school.

This is the first time that Horizon Honors High School has had a boys volleyball team; both varsity and a junior varsity team. We asked both teams some questions about what they thought of their team so far.

What makes your team a good volleyball team?

Sophomore Christopher Trejo: Even though this is our first time ever having a volleyball team at Horizon [Honors], for a group of guys who haven’t played volleyball we really do try our hardest during practice and during the games as well.

Junior Patrick McPherson: We all have played other sports so we bring outside skills to volleyball.

Freshman Trevor Weary: The experiences we gain over time as players to build on our mistakes and better ourselves.

Sophomore Joshua Drapkin: We are all together and we know that almost none of us have ever played, but we’re a very athletic team who pick up [skills] easily.

What kind of skills do you work on during practice?

CT: For JV boys we work on our passing, rotations, setting, and serving as well.

PM: Passing and hitting.

TW: While at practice I try to understand how each player would prefer to be set: at the net or in the back row.

JD: We work on hitting, blocking, and serving mostly… also we work on rotations.

What do you appreciate the most about your team?

CT: I like how we don’t give up and we keep trying no matter what is going on.

PM: Our teamwork.

TW: I appreciate the patience of the team. It takes a long time to improve your skill just having joined a volleyball team for the first time, and we take baby steps together despite the pressure placed on them [the new players] to understand the game ASAP

JD: I appreciate the forgiveness for mistakes, you know you made a mistake they don’t need to point it out to you, they just understand.

What’s your favorite part of playing volleyball?

CT: I like everything about volleyball.

PM: Being able to hit the ball [to the opposing team].

TW: My favorite part of playing volleyball has to be seeing the amazing feats the players have made over a short period of time improving their volleyball IQ.

JD: I like the hitting because it’s fun.

Where do you see the horizon Honors Volleyball team going in the future?

CT: In the future I see us getting better and better because as of right now we can keep up with the other teams.

PM: Winning the State Championship.

TW: As for the future of this program, I expect to see a lot of support and encouragement from the other students and faculty and hopefully a bit more people interested in the sport next year, convinced to try out and join the team.

JD: I see us making it to playoffs…in the far future.