Birds Of Prey Come To Play

The boys and girls varsity basketball teams of Horizon Honors take on North Pointe Preparatory with two action-packed games.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

It’s basketball season at Horizon Honors, and the games are getting better than ever. Both the boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball teams had games on Wednesday, Dec. 17 against North Pointe Prep. The boys had an intense game that sadly ended against their favor. On the other hand, the girls’ game had a successful end.

The games began as the girls’ varsity team stepped onto their home court in front of their awaiting fans. Throughout the first half, the girls played hard and maintained a high intensity. Junior McKenna Arenz, number 22, played an important role in earning her team points. Sophomore Krista Santacruz, number 5, did a strong job on defense as well. She stated, “I think [the game] went alright! We could’ve done better because we didn’t execute well.” But despite her self-critiques, Santacruz and her team ended the second half with a well-earned score of 48-14.

The boys were more than ready to start playing when their game began. Although North Pointe Prep gained possession initially, the Eagles were able to take it back soon thereafter. Notable players of the game included home-schooled sophomore Connor Frith, number 3, who made point after point and junior Ryan Engelbrecht, number 20, whose defense skills were highly acclaimed. Both of the halves were filled with extensive plays and impressive ball control, but unfortunately it was not enough to pull out a win. The game ended with a score of 54-57.

The Horizon Honors basketball teams will play their next games on Friday, Dec. 19 at Northwest Christian High School.