JV Girls’ Handles Homecoming Loss Honorably

Horizon Honors JV Girls’ Basketball had their homecoming game on Jan. 23 against Chino Valley.

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

Homecoming games are anticipated by the spirited students and staff of Horizon Honors. The first of four games was played by the junior varsity girls. The bleachers filled quickly with Horizon Honors fans on Jan. 23. at 2:30 p.m. While the girls tried hard, the game ended in Chino Valley’s favor. The fans, however, were cheering on Horizon Honors even in the team’s darkest times.

The game was rough from the start, having Horizon Honors score their first points after Chino Valley had three. Chino Valley kept scoring afterwards, getting up to 16 points before Horizon Honors made two more baskets. Two points for Horizon Honors were made after two free-throws. Half time started with the score at 26 to 10 in Chino Valley’s favor.

When half-time was over, Chino Valley made a point through a free-throw. Horizon Honors scored a celebrated basket after a huddle of people fought over the ball and had three failed attempts at scoring. However, Chino Valley scored another six points before Horizon Honors scored another two baskets. Chino Valley made another five baskets, getting ten points in a row. Then, Horizon Honors made two points on two separate free-throws. The game ended soon after that, with the score 49 to 22 in the favor of Chino Valley.

The next JV girls basketball home game was on Tuesday, Jan. 27, at 3 p.m. against Valley Christian at home.