“Defending The Ship” With Broken Records

At Horizon Honors, volleyball thrives and continues on the path to success.

Allyssa Gauer, Columnist

Our Horizon Honors high school volleyball team has had an outstanding season so far with 32 matches won and only four matches lost. After winning State last year, the volleyball team has continued to improve. Through practices and games, the team has shown dedication and determination.

Out of all the varsity team members, seniors Alexa Marshall (setter) and Cici Collins (opposite hitter) have shown incredible talent. Marshall has broken a school record with 668 assists, and Collins broke the record for kills with 292 kills. The previous record for kills was set in 2016 by Alexa Smythe, with 278 kills total. Hannah Brown set the original assist record in 2011 with 655 assists.

The Horizon Sun: How did you accomplish this record?

Cici Collins: Physically, it was getting my vertical up and training a lot so I could put the ball down quickly, and team wise it was just working with everybody and communicating, but we all connected very well.

Alexa Marshall: I’ve been working for four years on it, since I started high school volleyball, and this year, since I was running a 5-1, I was able to break the record.

The Sun: What challenges did you have to overcome?

CC: I had to come in as a transfer, so I had to learn to work with everybody, but everyone was really awesome and there was so much teamwork.

AM: My biggest challenge was probably confidence [because] getting out in the court in front of people makes me really nervous, so getting over that was hard to do, but I think I’ve done pretty well with it this year.

The Sun: What are your plans for volleyball in the future?

CC: I committed, early in my junior year, to play division one volleyball at Houston Baptist.

AM: I think I’m just gonna play sand [volleyball] this year, and then I think that will be the end of it.

The Sun: Do you have any advice to give other athletes?

CC: Work hard and push yourself in everything you do and no matter what anyone says it can’t affect you.

The Sun: What is your favorite part of being on the volleyball team?

AM: I just love the girls, I would say,  and the really close matches where we just get to all come together and be a part of a great team.

The Horizon Honors Varsity team not only has Marshall and Collins, but many more talented girls. Their season continues into the region qualifier and then State, so make sure to stop by and watch a game or two. Good luck Eagles!