Rally for the Rattlers

Meghan Tuzzolino, Columnist

The games of the Arizona Diamondbacks are some of Arizona’s greatest sports attractions. However, lately Diamondbacks’ fans have not been entirely supportive through their attendance to games, according to Scholars Blogs. Studies have also shown that the teams with the “best” fans are the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs, the Boston Red Socks, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Giants, which means that the famous Arizona D-Backs have fallen awfully short of the top five best fans bracket.

This is rather surprising due to the D-Backs great start, being ranked in the top five of all MLB teams at the beginning of the season. Furthermore, since this may be a more common occurrence for other teams, fans should feel even more obligated to go to games, since such a good start is rare for the Diamondbacks. The D-Backs are already missing many players such as Jake Lamb, third baseman, and Shelby Miller, pitcher, who make their recurring wins even more impressive, states Arizona Republic.

Although the Diamondbacks have not been to the World Series in years, their games are still fun and affordable to watch, not to mention how they are a great activity to attend with family or friends. They provide entertainment while disconnecting kids and adults from their technology.  

However, Chase field, “The Home of the Diamondbacks,” might not be called “home”  for much longer. This is because of the mostly-confidential legal issues that the team has been involved in with Chase Field. This has led the D-Backs to begin talking about building a new stadium, which would ultimately include many more fun activities than the now twenty-year-old Chase Field.  although, that is not to brush off the major accomplishments of the D-Backs current stadium.

Since its opening in 1998, it has hosted a World Series, thousands of games, and was the first stadium built in the United States with a retractable roof over a natural-grass playing surface, states MLB.com. Nonetheless, the Arizona Diamondbacks are planning to leave their residence at Chase Field by 2022, in order to avoid the penalty due if the leave after, as it says in their contract, states AzCentral.

Furthermore, the Diamondbacks plans to create a new stadium in Maricopa County. However, this may not be the most convenient and accessible location for fans trying to catch a game, mostly because it is would eliminate the option of taking the light rail, which is a popular method of transportation since parking spots are few and far between in such an attended area. Not to mention, the vast change in location may be on the other side of town for many fans, which could result in selling even less tickets, due to not being in a central location any longer. Also, even getting to Maricopa is a challenge if you live near it, since the drive in is half an hour on a good day.

With the D-Backs already having a lack of an active fan base, it is important to make sure they can increase their support even with the stadium change. After all, there is much more to a D-backs game than just baseball; Chase field offers many more forms of entertainment in addition to the games such as a batting cage, a pool that can be rented out, endless drinks and snack shops, and pictures with the team mascot, Baxter. Therefore, when you think about it, a $13 price tag seems well worth it.

Whether your team is winning or losing, at Chase Field or somewhere in Maricopa County, Arizona residents should remember to support their Diamondbacks.